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Name:  Frank LoPiccolo

DOB: 1943

Occupation:  Retired

Service to the Associations:  Since 1967

Current Board Position:  Director of Player Personnel

Past Board Positions:  President and Treasurer

Additional positions held:  Baseball Manager and Coach, Assistant to the President.

Player Status:  Gravesend Youth Center


    º Director of the Marine Park League

    º President of the New York Metro Baseball League

    º Treasurer of the New York Baseball Federation

    º Our Lady of Grace Monsignor Cafiero "Man of the Year" Award - 1973

    º Bishop's Catholic Youth Organization Service Award - 1975

    º Democratic Community Service Award - 2001

    º Incorporated Gravesend Athletic Association - 1979

    º Obtained and brought back the Gravesend Youth Center charter back to Gravesend - 1981

    º Worked with Tom Spezzano, then President of the Gil Hodges Little League, to combine the league with the Gravesend Athletic Associations - 1991

    º  Vice President American Amateur Baseball Congress - 11 year old Gil Hodges Division - 2004, 12 year old Pee Wee Reese Division- 2004

    º Greater New York Sandlot Athletic Alliance, Raymond Church Service Award - 2010


    º Continue to help make The Association the premiere youth organization in the city.

Frank LoPiccolo, Director of Player Personnel

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