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Name:  Jose Dominguez    

DOB: 9/16/1958    

Occupation:  Broker

Service to the Associations: Head basketball coach/Head baseball coach

Current Board Position:  Intermural Basketball Commissioner

Past Board Positions:  Intramural Basketball Commissioner

Additional positions held:  None

Player Status:  Power Memorial HS 1973-1977 / St.Thomas Aquinas College 1977-1981



    º Senior Division Playoff Champs 1989

    º Major Division Reg. Season  and Playoff Champs 1999

    º BCBA Novice Division Champs 2004

    º CYO Brooklyn Champs 1998

    º BCBA Champs 1994


    º PONY Champs 1993

    º Babe Ruth Regional Champs 1995




Jose Dominguez, Intermural Basketball Commissioner

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