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For The Gil Hodges Little League:

John Franco                                 Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets

​Lee Mazzilli                                  New York Mets, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles Manager  

Benny Di Stefano                         Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets^  

Frankie Rodriguez                       Minnesota Twins  

Frank Siminara                            San Diego Padres, New York Mets

Kevin Baez                                   New York Mets

For The Our Lady Of Grace Athletic Association:  

Jeff Bittager                                  New York Mets, Chicago White Sox 




Carmine Sperto                            Atlanta Braves




Peter Alborano Jr.                        Kansas City Athletics

Rich Aurilia                                  Texas Rangers, SF Giants , Seattle Mariners,  SD Padres, Cincinnati Reds

Hassan Evans                              Chicago Cubs


For The Gravesend Athletic Associations:

Jason Marquis                              Atlanta Braves , St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies#


Frank Brooks                                Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, LA Dodgers, Atl. Braves, 

                                                      NY Yankees, Kansas City Royals @


Anthony Bocchino                       Pittsburgh Pirates

For Players added to one of the existing Association rosters for post season play:

Roy Smith                                      Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Baltimore, Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates % 


Dominick Balsamo                        Major League Baseball 





* - Indicates uniform # has been retired by respective Association

# - Indicates active player on current MLB roster

^ - Indicates active member of current MLB coaching staff

% - Indicates active member of current MLB Front Office

@ - Indicates active member of current minor league roster


Since 1955 the Gil Hodges Little League and the Our Lady Of Grace Athletic Association, has had many of its former ballplayers go on to play professional baseball. We are therefore proud to list these individuals on The Gravesend Athletic Associations  


Players who have gone on to the Professional ranks.



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