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Registration has never been easier!

Welcome to The Gravesend Athletic Associations. We hope your experience is a good one. Check out our links for Registration information on any one of the following sports that we offer: Basketball, Baseball or Softball. The information provided within is subject to change from season to season.  


What you should know before you register


Dear Parent,

                All applications for admission to Our Lady of Grace / Gravesend Athletic Associations / Gil Hodges Little League (referred to herein as the Association) are subject to approval.  Your child will be required to furnish his/her own transportation to and from games and practices.  They will be insured against injuries resulting from an accident, while playing or practicing.  Please report injuries to managers or coaches.


NOTE: Insurance protection is excess over any other valid and/or collectible insurance.


  •                 Applicants must have been examined by a doctor within the past month, and must be found physically to compete in athletics.

  •                 Parents will not hold the Association or any other league which the Association may choose to enter, or the managers/coaches, responsible for any injuries resulting from accidents, or loss of valuable or equipment, while playing or traveling to and from a game or practice.

  •                 Parents will in no way interfere with the coaches, managers, and league officials in the performance of the Association's duties.

  •                 The executive board of the Associations  reserve the right to review, accept or reject registrants at any time, and to place a child on any team  (intermural or intramural) as benefits his/her ability

  •                 If you register for any sport, you must play that sport exclusively with the Association.

  •                 If you choose to leave the Association without a release, during the season, to join another organization, you are subject to go before a review board before re-registration.

  •                 A child must participate in all required special events sponsored by the Association, such as drug education seminars, parades, special fund raisers, etc.

Download the Registration Forms Here and mail/fax them to us - It's as easy as that! 
Fax# : 718-336-6832​

Address : 430 Avenue W, Brooklyn NY 11223-5429


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